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Support for League of Legends Garena client (SEA).

 As title says, can we? so I don't have to manually run the app over and over when game loading Everytime i want to record while playing? its very tiring.

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We do have support for Garena League of Legends. Is it not recording for you? I can also look and see if there are any known bugs.

The problem is not the recorder. the recorder works fine. The problem is the app cant detect the client of the game after match is started. *our LoL server has different file format compare to NA and EU, so I believe that is the main causes*.

The only way to make it  work as to run the app after match ingame finish loading or during loading into match. Both and raptr dint pop out ingame like other normal AAA game.


Can you provide for me the game exe name and the launcher exe name for Garena League of Legends?

It's possible they may have changed it and we need to make an update.

Let me help you out. I am giving u links of every every location where the launcher.exe and game.exe is located. For garena, it is a little bit confusing since we don't use launcher to run the client. Instead we use "Garena+" an IM to run the client.

Now my problem is, most of the time doesn't get the client, neither it records anything. However if i run after the game starts, it does say "recording" and also if i do manual record, it only gives blackscreen with sound only. Please fix it asap. THANKS

We should have made a change in the detection to Garena, can you check to see if it should be working?

no it's not working Verun. It is same as before. It doesn't detect the game itself even if i add manually(where it detects and automatically records other games). It only detects as "Playing league of legends" if i run the game from Gaming evolved app(which is same as before)

Secondly, just like before it sometimes says is recording. But the result is same. the recorded videos are all black with only sound available. Check screenshots

P.S. This is Garena SG server(not PH server) and there are much more players in SG server than in PH

(50.9 KB)
(84.4 KB)

This page has been dead for a while but we still get these inquiries every so often. I have not seen any conclusive solution from your end and I just want to verify whether the support is limited or I just need to configure something on the client. Thanks for your help!

@sushimaru - It's widely varied depending on many issues. Garena versions can be wildly different from each other. Any detection issues involving Garena (or RIOT versions too) should have a ticket with logs created so we can determine if it's an issue with the actual detection, or just the specific user not able to detect correctly.

To send logs you just right-click on the taskbar icon, select Help > Feedback, fill out the info and make sure the checkbox is selected. Post back here to let me know you have sent it. 

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