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Issue with Highlights

I have it set to record 60 seconds of a highlight with a hotkey. The problem is when I record the highlight the video created is not of that moment it is almost 5-10 minutes before I was recording. Ill be in game and press the hotkey at a funny moment but the video file will be of the lobby before I started playing or the start up screen. I have session record off only using highlights. This occurs mainly in Payday 2 and Skyrim my TF2 clips are still at the proper time. How can I fix this?

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That's odd, I've never seen this issue before. 

So you only want to record 60 seconds for highlights, but it ends up saving 5-10 minutes?

Is it repeatable? Does it save the same footage if you have more than one highlight in a game session?

Did you change the Hotkey for Highlights?

Let me know the answer to these when you're able, but more than likely we'll need to get logs regarding this.

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