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Hey there, I've tried to resolve this issue via support tickets, but the replies were slow and now have stopped. So I'm asking here in hopes that some of the community will be able to see this and help me out.

The issue I'm having: does not record video for Rocket League or H1Z1: King of the Kill.

It used to record every game just fine. It also stopped recording CS:GO for a little bit, but that has started working again for whatever reason. When it records (Rocket League or H1Z1) it only records audio, the video is just a black screen.

If anyone knows a fix to this problem or has any insight on what could be the issue, that would be great! Thanks

Extra info:

I've checked my drivers and tried running the games with no 3rd party softwares running.

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I have the same issue, I have to set it to manual record in order to record Rocket League.

I have the same issue.  If I set it to Automatic I know the interface is up because if I hit Ctrl F3 it tells me I have to be in manual mode to record a highlight, but it will not record the session.  Very frustrating!

I have the same issue too, i want to record automatically all i play in rocket league, some solution?

If someone have this problem try to uninstall and use this a agent give it to me and it works.

I got the same response from them. works perfectly

Yes it doesn't work on online play, just on local.

Yep mine started glitching out now too

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