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Videos in folder are of lower quality than in the client.

Viewing the video in the client seems to produce my desired quality, but it seems that the videos stored in the folder are not the same. I can only assume this is how it was encoded. The game audio is in sync, but my mic audio isn't. The audio issue persists on both mediums by the way.

Interesting. We did not make an attempt to lower the quality outside of the client. Are you testing this via watching it in Windows, or are you uploading it to another video editing software?

I'm using the windows media player to watch, no outside programs.

I think I may have found the problem though. I was using an AMD preset in the video card drivers and it may have muddled it.

Ah yes, I have seen that cause an issue. 

Sometimes the video drivers come installed with Audio drivers that can tend to alter things a bit. 

Although if it were a video issue, would you mind letting me know which AMD preset it was?

I think it was vivid or enhanced. Basically anything other than default.

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