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Microsoft Edge not supported?

I'm becoming more and more of a fan of Microsoft Edge, even with its shortcomings.  One appears to be that does not like to stream video to it.  Surfing to the site and clicking on a preview thumb will show the first frame of the video with a never-ending loading animation.  I switch to Chrome and I have no problems.  Is this just me?  If not, are there plans to support Edge in the future?


S. Lave

I want to say that we're aware of this issue already. I'll let our Web QA team be aware of it again and see what is going on with fixing it. 

I was able to tinker around and found out that once I set a default resolution for the video playback (instead of auto), it works fine.  Still seems to be a bug though concerning the browser as I don't need to perform this on chrome or internet explorer.

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