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Incompatible with SweetFX? Recording Error 22

Hello, with SweetFX running on the game I am playing, spits out "Recording Error 22." 

If I turn off SweetFX and restart the game, works again.

Is this known? If so, is it intentional? SweetFX makes the game look so much better, I was hoping that could record that.

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@stdmachine - I think I asked some questions in another forum thread about your issue. I'll copy/paste here though.

"Does Error 22 only happen with that game that is using SweetFX?

Does disabling SweetFX remove the error?

Typically for Error 22, re-installing video drivers helps resolve the issue. But if SweetFX is causing it, we would need to know. (Let us know the name of the game as well)"

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