Start a new topic no longer highlights kills/assists/deaths in LOL

The first few games I played using, the program automatically highlighted k/d/a.  It no longer does.  How do I turn this feature back on?

Thank you.

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It should be on by default. 

Sometimes if it is unable to grab the Riot API from the web, it doesn't appear. 

If you're still having the issue, can you create a ticket about it?

To send logs you just right-click on the taskbar icon, select Help > Feedback, fill out the info and make sure the checkbox is selected. Post back here to let me know you have sent it. 

Isn't working for me either. I did the Feedback thing you talked about.

I'm having this issue. Kills are highlighted, but deaths and assists aren't.

Nevermind, resolved issue. Turns out the Filter Pins only had Kills set on by default.

feedback sent for the same issue

@verun i sent the logs and please reply and help me :/

quée restablese de forma predeterminada ayudaaaaa

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