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How to edit clips from temp folder or from game folder where recordings are saved?


Yesterday I had some recordings of a game that I wanted to edit/highlight but I ran out of time. So today I start playing the game again and I only see today's recordings and no recordings from yesterday in my "your videos" section. 

Here is an example:

As you can see videos are ONLY from today and none from previous days. How can I edit and upload videos from previous days? I can find the actual videos from where saved it on my hard drive but I can't get them back into

Have you checked inside the Windows folder where the videos are saved? Are they in there?

You may want to check to see if Auto-Manage Space is enabled in the Preferences. If so, check your Recycle Bin to see if the videos are in there.

(I responded to your ticket with the same content)

Ok, I found SOME videos in my windows folder (default location for C:\Users\User\Videos\PlaysTV\Black Desert but I had more in here the day before yesterday. Turns out you're correct, There are some in my recycle bin but none from 4/8/16 which is the one I wanted, I guess its gone. I upped the allotted GB storage from 10GB to 40GB to see if it makes a difference or not as far as holding days worth of videos for longer or not.  If I have a video though thats recorded by or not, is there not a way to get it into the list so that I can edit it and upload to my channel?

Thanks for the quick reply

I believe as long as it's an mp4, you should be able to upload it to your channel once you place it in the recording folder (and restart the client) or you can have look for a specific folder as well.

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