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PlaysTV doesn't detect that I'm playing a game?

Hey all! I'm new here (just installed it yesterday night). I don't know how to work this thing, haha. When I play a game, It doesn't say that I am in a game or that it is recording. It just says "You don't have any session recordings yet. Start by playing a game!"

Since I installed yesterday, I would keep the client open and just play games. Is that how you're supposed to record games or am I doing it wrong? Thanks for reading and hopefully there's an easy answer to this. :)

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Oh, and I'm playing on the Garena League of Legends Philippine server. Could that be a problem?

Same problem, different game. (Empiresmod)

Garbage software, obviously. Try installing OBS, that's free and open source and actually works.

What's weird is it will record just about every game I have, except Ghost in the Shell: First Assault.

I checked the AMD Gaming Evolved client and it says it's not compatible, but as far as I can find there's no information on what (or when) a new game will be compatible, or why it's not. Which is frustrating because I think playstv performs better than OBS and is easier to use.


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i do minecraft and have the same problem


Having this issue now did anyone solve this?

This has been an issue since the game's CBT release. 

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