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PlaysTV doesn't detect that I'm playing a game?

Hey all! I'm new here (just installed it yesterday night). I don't know how to work this thing, haha. When I play a game, It doesn't say that I am in a game or that it is recording. It just says "You don't have any session recordings yet. Start by playing a game!"

Since I installed yesterday, I would keep the client open and just play games. Is that how you're supposed to record games or am I doing it wrong? Thanks for reading and hopefully there's an easy answer to this. :)

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What's weird is it will record just about every game I have, except Ghost in the Shell: First Assault.

I checked the AMD Gaming Evolved client and it says it's not compatible, but as far as I can find there's no information on what (or when) a new game will be compatible, or why it's not. Which is frustrating because I think playstv performs better than OBS and is easier to use.


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Oh, and I'm playing on the Garena League of Legends Philippine server. Could that be a problem?

i do minecraft and have the same problem


Having this issue now did anyone solve this?

Same problem, different game. (Empiresmod)

Garbage software, obviously. Try installing OBS, that's free and open source and actually works.

This has been an issue since the game's CBT release. 

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