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{Feature Request] Voice activated microphone recording.

Hi guys,

PlaysTV has come such a long way and it's really fantastic.

I tried enabling the mic but it's too annoying, it constantly hot mics and just records your breathing and is very noticeable. The Astro A50 headsets has a very sensitive mic so I just have tended to disable mic recording.

It would be great if you guys could add voice activated recording like Teamspeak has so then it wouldn't constantly hot mic and record your breathing lol.

I guess a push to talk feature would be habdy too but I think the voice activated one would be the best.

Is there a way you can plug into Teamspeak? Perhaps build a plugin that can get the info from Teamspeak  as to when to activate the mic?

Love playsTV keep up the great work!

2 people have this problem

I second this it is needed.

While this feature would be awesome and I second this request, I too would be happy to have a basic PTT feature. Thanks

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