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 As in the topic title... i can record all different games but not Dark Souls III, and yet I see there are others who share their DS3 videos via Plays.TV so something is wrong on my side > I have R9 380x quad core i7 setup, so not sure...

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Same problem here, but somehow I managed to record 40 mins the other day, no idea how tho.

 Yes it has recorded once for me before, but I was running another recording software in the background and thought that might have had some effect on it but since then it's just never recorded again. Very frustrating

Same problem here, still not fixed

I have this problem now. The recording starts fine but it stops after a random game event. Once it stopped after I used a bonfire to teleport to a different location. The other time it happened when I confirmed a level-up. Maybe those were coincidences, but the recording definitely stopped for no reason.

Sounds like a coincidence since we don't check Dark Souls III for any in-game events. Does this only happen with this game, or are other games affected as well?

I haven't noticed that in any of the other games I've been playing. I doubt I could've hit something accidentally since I play it with a gamepad.

We may have to look into more details as to why it's happening. Can you send in client logs so we can take a look? Make sure to post back here so I know you've created it.

OK, done.

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