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Recording very choppy/lagging on modern computer

Whenever I record a video, it is simply unwatchable. While playing I had no idea, but the framerate feels like 7, and the resolution is very low. Is this normal?

When I play, I use 1680x1050 screen resolution and get 100fps generally.

My computer has a quad core i5 2500k at 3.0GHz, a Radeon HD6800 PCIe x16 graphics card (in the x16 slot on the motherboard) and a 7200rpm caviar black hdd.

I have recorded with other software in the past and never had ANYTHING REMOTELY this terrible as a result. I played for a couple of hours and am watching back some of the footage now and it's embarrassingly bad. The audio is ok and on time, but the video is basically skipping frames it feels like.

I am encoding/uploading a short clip now using the "share clip" button - I ddin't see an "export" button anywhere.

Hey AWildPinkachu,

  Sorry that your videos are so laggy. I will try and explain what's going on here.

Looking at how works, we try to use the embedded video encoding hardware that is on some versions of video cards. We use H.264 encoding. This encoding on the AMD Radeon Cards is called VCE (Video Coding Engine). 

The HD 6800 was released before VCE was introduced, so it doesn't have VCE on the card.  

   When VCE is absent, the software falls back to use software encoding to try to render the frames for video. This process uses the CPU instead and makes every attempt to keep your game running smoothly, so it de-prioritizes the recording. This makes it miss frames. I think this is what's happening here.

  This article goes into a little more depth on this topic:

  The 'share clip' button is what uses to post to our website. We don't have a real concept of 'export' as in video editor programs. If you don't want to post to, the recorded videos are on your disk in the videos folder, or wherever you have set your recording directory. 

I hope this helps!

Is there no way around this? I can use OBS without issue as well as some paid recording softwares that I've demo'd. Until/unless I upgrade my graphics card, should I go back to OBS?

This is the example I shared. ((warning: someone on voice chat was using foul language))

This might be helped by making sure your drivers are up-to-date, but without VCE hardware I think you'll continuously be running into this. We want you to get the videos that you like. You can still take part in the community of when you use OBS (use the options in the folders tab to watch for OBS videos), but the integrated post-match pin data will be missing. That's a key part of our CS:GO feature. 

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Thank you. The pins seem super helpful. I will keep this in mind when I next think about a hardware upgrade.

Thanks for your help and explanations.

For my case, after an hour looking for the problem, I had to change permanently the default setting for the priority of the process that makes the video. In this case is process of the encoding server plays_encoder_server64-116096.exe I had to set this on Realtime. The problem was instantly fixed. To do this in windows 7 or vista you can change it on the Task Manager > Details > (you need a video being recorded) plays_encoder_server64-116096 or whatever your encoding server is (also it changes with every upload) > > save priority Realtime (putting it on high will lag your game). In windows 8-8.1 you need to download a program for this > > works just fine. I dont know about windows 10. Hope this helps.

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^ This solves my problem.

@Nozferatus: how did you find this out? It really solves the problem.

Tech savy + an hour looking at the forums + processes and files in my computer. Also it helped to know that it was a change in the program and nothing was really wrong with my computer. The only drawback is that you need to apply the fix every time there's an update.

Here I made it an actual Topic.

Keeping in line with the 5 months apart between groups of posts, I wanted to say that I was having a similar fps drop in the recordings, but not in game. I have similar hardware, AMD A8-6600K, VisionTek Radeon HD 6950 (also pre-VCE), and a Seagate Barracuda 7200RPM. Nozeratus's fix of changing your encoder process priority to realtime did work for me. I'm using Windows 10, so I wanted to add to the steps here. For Win10 users, after opening Task Manager, click the down arrow in the bottom-left that says "More details". Next, click on the "Details" tab at the top. This should look more like the Task Manager of olde! Then proceed as normal with right-click, "Set priority", and "Realtime". However, I have not been able to save this state permanently, yet. So, for now I load up my game (BF4 atm), then I "Alt + Tab" to the desktop, open Task Manager, run through those steps, and switch back to the game. A little annoying, but not too bad.

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