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Is there no way to use manual record when video capture is off?

I have been using manual record (which is activated by Ctrl+; in default) for more than a year.

But recently, manual record is possible only when video captrue is on.

I found that turning on the video capture option make my GPU temperature higher(and noisy) .

As I understand, this is because the program is automatically record my playing for highlight video when the option is on.

It was possible to turn off highlight option and using manual record in former version as I remember. The record program didn't bother me when I don't want to record the game.

So.. as written in the title, Isn't there any way to still use manual record don't using highlight tool?

(p.s sorry for bad english skill)

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I was wondering the same thing. I don't want the recorder to be running all the time. I would only need manual recording that records only when i press record.

Having buffer-recording always on causes annoying situations like the thing recording my Cable-DVR program because thinks it's a game.

Please, dont touch the software.

one month ago works in hes best way and now dont work for so many people and crash games everytime. I dont use to record hightlights and somethiong like that, I use to record my own videos to youtube so please fix that and please don touch it more. Why you guys have to touch perfect things. Now i cant record nothing to my channel without 4 hours of editing and rendering and that its not good. This program was the best software to record gameplays. Please give us that perfect software, or if you guys want to update this software every month let us select the update there we like. Thanks for this software but please fix it and dont touch it more. Was perfect.

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