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Super Disappointing Change: "Auto and manual recording now can’t be on at the same time"

The most recent patch was great overall, but this change is something I really disagree with. One of my favorite features was to record my entire gaming sessions (solo and with friends), often saving highlights as I go along.

If it was a particularly fun/intense night, I can often forget to save some of the best moments. I'd usually go through the video at 2x or 5x speed (whatever the fast forward speeds are) to skim through and see if I missed anything awesome.

Now, either you have automatic recording (start to finish recording of sessions) or manual recording (save highlights only). 

Why the sudden change? It was working perfectly before. Can't we have an option to enable both, as well as the separate automatic/manual features? 

I'm all for adding more options for people to choose from/customize, but removing some of the best features to do so is taking steps backward. 

Will you consider implementing the hybrid feature(s) again? 

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I can definitely talk to the team about implementing a hybrid function in the future. We typically found that when people wanted to find key moments in a large session recording, they typically used the bookmark function. That allowed them to quickly navigate through the session to find those moments. It also potentially alleviated the problem where the highlight did not capture the entirety of that moment you wanted.

I believe we also had some issues where it trying to save twice (technically) would cause some issues. I can look into it though and definitely let your voice be heard. Thanks for letting us know and providing feedback!

I appreciate the quick response! I mostly play Rocket League (some LoL though) so the big moments are usually 30 seconds or less for the passes/goals and so forth. That is why the highlight feature worked so well for me.

However, I will definitely check out the bookmark feature! I'm sure it will work just as well.

Thank you again!

As a side question so I don't have to make another thread; have people been having performance issues after this update?

I used to be able to run Rocket League on max settings with recording at max quality (1080p, 60fps, 50MB/s) with 110+ FPS. 

Now, with Rocket League at slightly less than max settings, and at 1080p, 30fps, 30Mb/s, I am getting 90 FPS at most in game. 

As soon as I turn off, I jump up to 144+ FPS in game. 

I'll also have to add to this thread that it was a super disappointing and incredibly unexpected change. I loved the hybrid feature as it was simply install and forget. If I had a big fight (Dark Souls 3) I'd just hit bookmark and grab it later (or cheat the system by creating a clip to upload, stopping the upload and using it for a video mashup :P). If I jumped into something silly and fast paced (DuckGame), the highlights worked the best since most matches RARELY ever hit the 30 second mark.

I don't understand why that function was removed, other than the glitches you mentioned (I never experienced them however).


I too would like to add my voice, this was a amazing feature in PlaysTV. I had by bookmarks set to 1 minute and highlight to 30 seconds. If I forgot to highlight a awesome moment I'd book mark it just after making sure I'd get it later. That is just one example but having both was amazing, I recommended it that day after explaining that feature as I think it so powerful together only to go on that day and see it removed :( 

Is the problem from the games that have the special features from integrated games? If so maybe have a way to disable those features if your not going to use them instead of splitting up the capabilities.

This was such a shock to see this change it just doesn't make sense in removing such a powerful and useful set of features and to now have to choose either of.

I personally never used Manual recording, I just let it record everything automatically and use the highlight and bookmark features together I think that is what most would like as you can always hit a bookmark and later change is in stead of manually recording over the top of it.

i started a new topic and new ticket why its not showing ??

Before the latest patch, I used the save highlight very often, and the auto record was also running in the background, so if I accidentally miss hitting the save the last 60 sec button, I still had the whole match.

Now it is gone, and I fail to understand why.

I think it was a very clever interface, where you had control what exactly you want to record.

On the other hand since this new update, both function does nothing for me, it records  1kbyte  videos in the folder, and I can not save any clips anymore.

I'm trying it with 1080p 30fps 50mb/sec settings, I've set 20gb for auto record, and there is enough space on my hdd.

Is there a way to install the previous version, and prevent auto update?

@RDAWG there is a moderation process for new threads, to avoid e.g. spamming.

It can take some time until it shows up.

i created one thread yesterday and its still not here O_o i created 1 ticket few months ago and its still processing lol created another ticket yesterday still being processed this is getting on my nerve seriously !

even posting a simple comment here takes 2 days to appear dafaq ? you hate me ?

"Being Processed since 42 days 23 hours"  

hmm that's nice..

I think the processing status on a ticket means, that it is already something they've noticed or will be noticed soon. processing on the forum means, that it gets moderated first.

I dont really have an explanation for your comment problem, bc I'm just a normal user, no inside view.

Very frustrating change. I also can no longer use manual mode

keeps saying its "not available in this mode"

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