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Error 22 with CS:GO and SweetFX

I have this  problem with only CS:GO. I have SweetFX installed, and when I launch the game it says error 22. On the gameplay recording option turns off automaticly when I start CS:GO. I never had this problem before althrough I had SweetFX and both in use before with CS:GO.

I tried with other games, but only CS:GO had this error.

Before I launch the game:

After I launch the game:

Does disabling SweetFX help at all?

Sorry for the late response.

I just uninstalled SweetFX and it works again for some reason.

I have same problem... :( But i cant play CS:GO without sweetFX. Is some solution instead of uninstall sweetfx?

Not that I know of unless you manage to find a work around. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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