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Add Desktop Recording Please !! :/

desktop recording would be really helpful cause most of the time doesn't support some games then desktop recording can help to record those games this will also help to record windows store games like quantum break, forza 6 apex etc.. and i also use shadowplay so i know how important desktop recording is ;)

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I am on a mission to spam and amd staff until it happens. Is it really that hard to have a toggle button 'monitor capture' or 'application'?

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we all need to beg for it then i think they will put this feature smh..

I know several friends with nvidia cards that will not buy anything AMD unless it comes with something as good as shadowplay. wouldn't matter if the card was an improvement because "shadowplay!" and all really lacks is ability to record desktop via capturing whatever is on the bloody monitor.

I have a problem which i have posted here:

Is the desktop feature that your discussing, the solution to my problem?

If so, ill quite happily go out and buy an Nvidia immediately. Cant be arsed with software that's going in the wrong direction, those days are long gone.

Thank you


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