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Evolved gaming + worked perfectly before, within the last month or so with black desert online, but it doesn't now. When I started any game I'd get an overlay at the top left "plays TV press CTRL+F2 to book mark, Now I don't get that message, and even if I press CTRL+F2 nothing happens and after my gaming session nothing has been recorded in the box where my videos used to show up. 

Again, used to work fine with black desert online but now its just not working with it at all. I can open any of my steam games and its working fine but not with Black desert online. I've even tried running black desert online FROM evolved gaming "Black desert online launch" button and that doesn't work either.

I want to record my black desert online game play like it always did. The only thing that's happened differently is that I had to update the drivers to my video card but it was still fine even after that until recently

I'm using an i53500k

amd 390x video card

24 gigs of ddr2 ram

windows 7

P.S. I also change out a hard drive but like I said, its working with other games just fine. 

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Having same problems bro, I am so frustrated... Playing on Russian servers atm, I thought it's maybe because of Gamenet launcher, but it's not...In almoust all other games recording works 

There is a current issue with Black Desert Online causes crashes for some users. As a result, we have currently disabled it's ability to hook into BDO. Hopefully we'll be able to find a solution to this soon.

You should make a General announcement to the people that are having problems and assure them that you are working on the issue. People like me can't record anymore because other people have problems... That doesn't make any sense
Turn it on or have it off with the option to turn it on with a tool tip that says, if you're having "this or that issues" we're working on it. I had over 100 hours recorded perfectly and now I can't record at all because you turned it off

It would be nice if you can find solution, because I can't record that game to my yt channel - and it forces me to swap on nvidia well I had black screen on Sims 4, and League of Legends doesn't want to record at all..others games are kinda fine 

Any news on this being fixed ever?

Im still not able to get it to work here.


Unfortunately, there is not. We have reached out to the developers to try and white-list our software for their anti-cheat they use (XIGNcode3). Sadly, we have not heard a response despite several emails being sent. We're still going to work on it though.

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