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Plays.Tv IS NOT Recording without Windows 10

My PC and a Core2 Duo 2.6 4GB DDR II 800 MHZ VGA G Force 9500 GT Motherboard Asus P5QL SE my OS and 64- bit Windows 10 I downloaded the TV Plays Unofficial Site Usually installed Unreal Tournament Game 99 Some would like to burn Games . the TV plays and automatic configuration , when I open the game and Start recording Me a Message > 20032 Write Error How to solve it and be able to start recording. Thank Wait return.

(445 KB)

Unfortunately, the 9500GT doesn't meet the requirements for Hardware Encoding, so more than likely the client is having to fall back onto Software Encoding. As a result, you'll generally get lower performance and be limited on higher quality. Your CPU may also be limited based on it's age and thus be unable to even do that. 

Unfortunately, unless your PC is upgraded there really isn't much we'll be able to do. Our apologies.

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I thank you , I really need to make a up grade . Very grateful for the information and sorry for the inconvenience the Plays.Tv certainly seems to be one of the best I've seen softers for plays games. I'll keep my account in the community and try to update my PC soon grateful once again for your cooperation.

No problem. And if you do have any trouble feel free and let us know. We're always willing to help if we can!

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