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Videos not showing up in client, but they do show in folder.

Hi, as the title says; my videos won't show up in the client, but they are in the folder..

any suggestions on how to fix this?

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My log files



same problem here

wonder if they ever gonna reply to this though..

I think the last update screwed stuff up.  I have all kinds of issues right now.

Bump because I am having the same issue!

Has there been a fix for this yet???

I don't think so

I think it's because I changed the folder from C:\ to D:\..

Sorry for the late reply!

If you have not done so already, I recommend making a ticket about the issue. If you have already, feel free and let me know here so I can find it. 

We're still investigating the issue as we have been unable to recreate it. 


I have already :) case number 33112

Kind Regards,

Niels client issues #33949

Was created on May 15th 2016, I hope a reply comes soon. So far I reinstalled the program and I have everything on default settings, and I changed it so that the program does no record opening (intro) videos. So far it has been working but the games I have recorded before have not shown up in my client but they ARE in my folder (cannot be opened)

Are these files lost for good?

Just replied back to you!

I don't think the files are gone for good. According to your ticket, it sounds like the videos are stuck in some kind of limbo where they are being used with a certain exe; just a matter of finding which one.

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@Verun I managed to pinpoint the issue, but having "Hide In-Game Intro" off that's why my videoes would not show up after being recorded. I have tried this with many other options and this seems to be the only one that recreates the issue. Must be some type of bug that isn't working right with the program. All is well right now so no issues for as of late. Thanks for taking the time to help!

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