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Poor upload quality

I have toggled the optimize for upload and share on and off and uploaded videos and the quality suffers both ways. Why can I not get 1080 anymore? The videos record just fine and all of my settings are maxed out. It didn't do this before the recent update. I pretty much only record league at this point but I have plans for future games I will be playing. Any suggestions?

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exact same problem man, i have yet to get any type of response from anyone.  it's looking pretty hopeless.

Well at the time I wrote this it was a problem, but literally overnight my videos turned to 1080 again. What happened was I uploaded 2 videos of LoL, about a week apart, and both were both 1080. Then I made this post and they started playing in 1080 again. So I really don't know what else to say other than there might be some disconnect between the plays recorder/uploader losing some data along the way.

 I hope everything works out for you and it fixes itself

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