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Problems recording long-term games

 While I've found to be pretty good for things like Overwatch where I just want to manually grab Play of the Game, long-term recording for MMORPGs like Final Fantasy XIV isn't going so well for me.

For FFXIV (and any other MMORPG I'd play) I want to record 24/7 with the automatic mode, but doing so doesn't let me DO anything with that video file until I stop recording or close the game.

If I stop recording, the client won't let me turn recording back on. Both Auto and Manual get greyed out after I turn it off. The only way to fix it is to restart

I also don't like that you have to upload every clip you make. Sometimes I just want to make a clip but not upload it, to which the only solution is to upload it then delete it.

As a suggestion for the future, a start/stop option for automatic recording would probably be good. Let me stop the recording and sift through the hours of video I have recorded to make clips, then start it back up and I can clean up the old files.

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