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Plays.TV won't record League of Legends


I've used the app succefully for about 2 days, for recording League of Legends, but since then it has stopped working. Here's what I've tried so far:

- Rebooting in all different orders (including PC)

- Reinstalling Plays.TV 

- Adding space in settings

- Change quality in settings (medium - high and custom)

- Recording manually 

None of it has seemed to work. Is there anyone that has had the same problem? Willing to try alot to fix. It works with every other game I have played so far.



I also wanted to try to reconnect my Plays.TV client to League of Legends, so I disconnected it under ''Accounts''. Can't seem to find any way to reconnect it (including re-installing Plays.TV client).

So, did anyone solve this? Cause I'm also stuck where I disconnected it from League and can't seem to reconnect it.

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