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Doom 4

Can't get Doom 4 to record with Playstv

Is it not supported yet or is it just me?

4 people have this problem

Good luck with that. Especially on-screen rec.


I believe we're looking into the Vulkan API for it. I remember hearing about it very recently, but unsure of the status. Onscreen recording would require some major overhaul and upgrade to our encoding process. Something we would probably like to do, but would require a lot of work.

And what about Vulkan? There is Doomx64VK.exe if you launch on Vulkan.
And why you don't offer onscreen record?

Decided to give everyone a heads up since there is still discussion about it. Doom (2016) utilizes OpenGL 3.x and 4.0. There appears to be an issue with AMD hardware hooking into that directly. However, it does appear to work for Nvidia hardware. Note that this might only apply with the encoding method we use and/or software that hooks into the game (not ones that can record the screen).

 You can record videos with Fraps

I thought fraps was only good for screenshots

Fraps! another good way to record the games.. 

Thanks for your opinion, but I'm not "lazy" at all.  I've been using OBS for Doom, and it sometimes doesn't record at all - and there is no overlay in-game to let you know if you're recording or not.  It's a hassle, as I said.


It's not a fix because it's DOOM that's the problem. It doesn't let to hook on it. Have you noticed when you choose multiple player or story it changes windows. And obs is better then nothing. And you have nothing if you think raptor going to spend time trying to fix something that's not bad omen on their end. You need a shadowplay or obs. And your really lazy if you thinking OBS is a hassle
Could someone from please respond about this?  I'd love to use it to record Doom, it works great for GTA5.  Are we wasting our time waiting for this to happen?  OBS is a hassle, is so much better...


i would recommend to move to nvidia asap not a fanboy i have both nvidia and amd. In my opinion the only reason i will forever stay with nvidia is because of shadowplay but if amd decides to bring something like that to amd that will be awesome but i am pretty sure that isn't happening soon. Again just my opinion...

"OBS studios" it will record DOOM and more. It's more demanding but gets the job done
It doesn't work because uses a hooking program as DOOM and others like it makes it hard to do that. If you want "OBS studios" program works. I use it to record every that doesn't. It's more demanding but it gets the job done

 i think the issue is with bethesda games. i also got an issue with Evil Within Game. Please fix this issue. very disappointing

There is another free recording software. I use it to record pokemon uranium. I'll post what it is later
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