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Doom 4

Can't get Doom 4 to record with Playstv

Is it not supported yet or is it just me?

4 people have this problem

Same here...a couple of my games haven't worked correctly lately.

I see Doom videos being shared to Plays from PC though. Sounds like ours are not "hooking" correctly. I see almost no support for this, what gives? : /

No idea.  I'm probably wrong and I think most of the Doom videos are from the beta? wont work for me either, and yea, most of the videos are from the beta. Although I've seen a couple that have videos up of campaign play, so not sure what's going on.

With how Doom runs, there is a current issue that can cause to crash it. 

We have disabled recording for it until we can get a fix out for it. 

yea i have 2 tickets about it and......nothing. seems shadowplay is having some trouble aswell

Yeah, it has specifically to do with the H.264 Encoding and the OpenGL version that Doom uses. So it would affect any program that utilizes that hooking method. 

it would be really awesome if you guys can fix it thanks :)

i cant express how much i want to be able to show you how to snipe. alas

Not working for me either :(

Wanted to do a video review and had to resort to Xbox DVR app on Win10. Not very good for recording. 

Yes, I hope they sort DOOM out soon, I really want to record some gameplay!


@shivendrakin for me shadowplay worked just fine. I also did a video here it is 

i am kinda losing my hope for Like seriously i waste more than 30 minutes just to get to record a game -_- i have to put up with this BS everytime i want to record a game..

Shadowplay can work because it can also utilize Desktop Recording.

Unable to record it either.

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