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Video Capture recording multiple files instead of one.

Video Capture is the mode I use since I don't like to record all the way from when I start the game or when i'm practicing a track. I like to record only when the actual Race start is at countdown. I press Ctrl + : to record and it starts with the overlay on the top left saying it is recording. I record between 30 mins to 1 hour races. When I exit the game and the client pops up I see that it records in roughly 10 minute segments. So an hour race is roughly 5-6 video files... Now I have to use an editor to join these files together. My question is, Is it possible to record it as one file instead of multiple files? My settings are at max. 1080 p with 60 fps and 100 GB dedicated to video capture at 50Mbits. It shows that I have 2 hours of recording for that 100GB at those settings so I know it isn't that it is a lack of space.

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