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How do you connect your League of Legends account

I clicked account - manage but nothing pops up or something. My systems are compatible, and i use windows 10.. 

Please help! Thx

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´Hey I have a question that you could maybe answer  . I just deleted my old acc.  and made a new one but now I cant connect my league account to the new one cuz its binded to the old one .. And I cant login to the old account obv. cuz its gone  .. do you have a solution for me ? .°:/

This is marked solved, how did you fix it?
Sorry for the delay, but issues like these are generally handled through direct support tickets or e-mails. Please open a support ticket if you are having any difficulty with account-specific issues. Thanks.


 i try to confirm my account cut it says were sorry  were unable to sync your account

My League doesn't seem to want to connect or it just isn't recording but it is open in the background anyone know what is happening?

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