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Plays.TV doesn't upload in 1080P 60FPS in YouTube

The title is self explanatory, I have the settings on my Plays.TV account to max: 1080P, 60FPS, 50MB but on YouTube, it only uploads in 720P 60FPS, anyone know why and how I can fix it? Idk if the problem is with YouTube or Plays.TV

Do you have "Optimize Videos for Upload & Share" enabled?

What resolution are you playing the game in?

Can you provide a link to the video on Youtube?

Have you tried uploading it to

I have no idea what the "Optimize Videos for Upload & Share" is or where I can enable it

I play my games in the highest resolution for my monitor, 1600x900P

Link No. 1: This one needs 1080P badly, looks terrible in 720P

Link No. 2:

No, I haven't uploaded any videos on Plays.Tv

Thanks for sending that. 

So from what I can tell is that it is more than likely uploading in 720 because it's technically not recording in 1080 (or higher) and thus having to downscale to 720p. The reason it's not recording in 1080 is because your resolution isn't meeting or exceeding it. 

If you go to the raw video file in Windows, right-click it and select Properties > Details what does the resolution say?

If by resolution you mean frame with and frame height then it says With: 1600 Height: 912

I don't know how you can't record 1080P in a 1600x900 monitor, seeing as I can watch 1080P perfectly in it

When you're watching a 1080 video on a 1600x900 resolution, it is down-scaling down to that resolution. It would be the same as if someone with a 1920x1080 resolution was watching a 4k video. The resolution is then down-scaled to 1920x1080 despite being a 4k video. The quality may be higher than a standard 1080 video, but it's still down-scaled from 4k. 

However, when you're creating a video it's going to get limited based on the resolution. It is possible to upscale a video, however this usually ends in screen tearing and other glitches so we don't usually do that. 

You could try using a program that can rescale the videos so they can upload in a better quality.

Here is more information on this matter:



Thanks for the info! I guess I'll just have to wait for my other monitor to be fixed which a little bit bigger, probably won't be able to upload in 1080P, but you never know

Yep! You never know!

And as mentioned there is software out there that can rescale it to fit better in Youtube's format.

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