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While I appreciate that the software and webspace are both free, I have found the following item from the F.A.Q. to be completely untrue;

"All games you play will be detected and have the possibility to get recorded if you have the preference set to Automatic."

I have seen no evidence that is trying to detect anything.  I have found that the ONLY games the software will record are the same games that Raptr will record, i.e. the games that appear in the Raptr library that can be manually added to your own library.  And even so, I have found several games in that list that will not record (Diablo II and X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, just to name two.  Both currently appear in my Raptr library, but will not record with either Raptor or

Also, the wording chosen gives me pause..."the possibility to get recorded".  This reads more like a litigious caveat than a guarantee of quality.  Will record all games, or will it not?  And if not, then why don't you just come out and say it won't?  At this point, I'd rather know what the software CAN do rather than what it MIGHT be able to do in future.  And if it's a question of older titles (such as Star Wars: TIE Fighter or other DOSBox games) not being possible to record with this software, then I speak for a lot of users who would appreciate to know that so that we'll stop wasting our time submitting tickets that have "the possibility to get reviewed".

I don't mean to come off as critical or entitled, and again, I recognize this is a free service, and that you get what you pay for.  But I really would like a response.  Because if it can't record all games, then it's of limited use.

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Reading this back later in the day, and I truly apologize for the hostile tone of the OP.  It was certainly not my intention.  I suppose I was just frustrated trying to figure out why some games record fine and others don't.  I don't think it's a question of age of the software, because X-Wing Alliance records just fine, but Diablo 2, a later game, does not.  I almost wish this recording software recorded desktop rather than individual games.

(and I know that Windows 10 does just that, but the majority of my games won't even run on Windows 10, so I'm sticking with 7).

Anyway, sorry for the sassy post.  But I'd still like to know why some games won't record.

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