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mic audio not in sync with video

Hello, I'm using Windows 10 with a AMD R9 270x and I'd like to ask for some help here. While recording Arma 3 (3 Videos atm) I noticed, my microphone is not in sync with the video. Ingame sounds are, TeamSpeak is, but my microphone not. I'd like to know, if there is a solution or an advice for that problem?

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i have the exact same problem and put in a ticket. 

I got a response, and they essentially looked at my logs and changed something in the config? I guess. Here was what I got back -

"I went through your logs and (maybe) did something to fix it.  I found that we were hooking into your Realtek Audio GUI program, which may have had a part in this. 

Try it out again and let me know if it is any better?" 

It is not better. Still about 15 seconds off. 

I have a r9 280x, Windows 10 as well. I use the realtek Audio drivers with my Mobo, which is a ASUS Impact VII. I may try and uninstall the Drivers and run stock audio. 

Same probleme here, on a R9 390, win7 and Realtek audio drivers.
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