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Corrupt Videos (maybe)

So here's my problem, whenever I play a game and record it. the actual video files won't play, it says that it either isn't supported on my computer or it's corrupt. The client won't even recognize it as a video so it wont show up in there. please help, thank you :)

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  • Same issue, reinstalling or trying different settings doesn't work at all. Recorded sessions don't appear in the client, although the client opens after a game as if it has recorded something. The destination folder includes sessions saved as file type mp4. along with file type .framelets as pin data but neither will play in any video players or process in any file conversion systems. All recorded files seem to be corrupt. The issue persists across all of my games, specifically League of Legends, Minecraft and Wildstar. Any suggestions would be helpful, thanks

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Maybe download Freemake video converter and see if you can convert it to another format and see if that works. I usually convert it to Mpeg or AVI

Same issue here. I would really like to access the session... Please help.

I've had so much recorded gameplay wasted because of this. Is anyone on Playstv support patrolling the boards?


There's still no response to this from PlaysTV Support. I've been having this issue for a few months now.

Hey, I have the same problem. My computer is SLI, how many of you have an SLI computer. Could this be the problem?

I have a similar issue.

Sometimes when i close/quit my game, my computer freezes/crashes and i have to turn the power off and do a restart. After that, the recording file is corrupted, since it probably is missing some (end-of-file) information. It would be cool if the program was able to check a recording file if it is correct and not missing any information, and if it does, fixing it.

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