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Longer highlight lenght

Is there a way to make the "highlight lenght" longer than 10 minutes?

I know in older versions you could, and I so wish I could here too! 

I play a lot of CoD and a game is often more than 10 minutes long. 

I dont really want to record EVERY game I record, because it gives so much useless footage I have to waste time deleting again, but on the other hand, I would like the ENTIRE game when I do have a good game going, and often I will miss the beginging even with highligt at 10 minutes. 

I know Nvidia shadow play can do it, I know you could too in the past, so please, can we get it back, or alternative, is there a "secret" way to set it to a higher setting? Like going into a config file or something like that!

We used to have a limitation of 20 minutes as opposed to 10. However, we changed it because anything after 10 minutes had a limitation in the quality and found that most users were not utilizing the 10+ minute functions. Now the functions depending on what you can use are:

  • Manual Recording + Highlights (10 min Max)
  • Automatic Recording + Bookmarks
I don't believe there is a 'secret' method to change it, but there might be. 
Have you thought of utilizing the manual record for what you need?

The problem is I often game for hours, 4 hours or more a day is not uncommon and I would drown in videoes if I just used manual record, that why I wanted time enough to cover an entire map when I had a good game. If I use manual record I have to scrap a lot of videos after each gamesession.

If you have the HD space, you could use Automatic Recording, set an amount for Auto-Manage Space to cover the 4GB and then use the bookmarks function to determine which maps you wanted to edit/keep/upload. 

Otherwise, there really isn't another option with the client. I will feed up your feedback and feature request though.

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