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PlayTV keep logging me off

Whenever I restart my PC on switch it off then on the next day, Play TV resets all my settings and tells me I need to log in then deletes all my videos because default settings is 10gb and my folder is over that.

@PeeCahChoo - Does it keep any videos within the 10GB limit? That is very strange and sounds like your cfg file is getting deleted. 

Do you change the location of your recording folder?

Additionally, have you tried elevating the client as Administrator?

Yes it deletes everything until I have only the most recent videos equal to 10 gb altogether. Its deletes around 30 videos. I have tried everything short of reinstalling it but it didnt start doing this until 2 weeks ago. I wonder what caused it.

Can you do me a favor to double check and see if it's the .cfg file?

1. Open Preferences and set things to something fairly unique

(Example: Resolution 1080; 15fps; Bitrate 25Mb/s; Change the recording folder to something unique)

2. Back-up your current videos to ensure nothing happens to them. 

3. Restart your PC however you would usually do it.

4. See if everything is reset back to default (Recording Quality, Folders, etc)

5. If so, create a ticket with logs attached.

(Right-click the icon in the taskbar and select Help > Feedback. Fill out the information and make sure the checkbox is enabled.)

6. Post back here and let me know the results.

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