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What should be my bit rate?

Hey i want to ask for a recomendation for play tv. my processor is AMD A-7890 K APU Series Ram 8 GB currently i have no VGA and use vga onboard which is R7 series, but im planning to buy CRX 480 at the end of the month. HOWEVER i want to use play TV to record my csgo gaming.

Ive tried to do 1080p with 60 fps and 50mbps bitrate, webcam enabled, voice enabled but it does not bother my fps in game at all. I was surprise. LOL however it seems that im having a black bar, my current desktop resolution is 1280x960 in game also the same. what I really want to ask is. what does bitrate do? why is the higher the bitrate = the higher the size file? does it has to do something if I want to upload it to YouTube? what if im usong 15mbps bit does it decrease the video quality on YouTube or what?

and how can i stretched the blackbar on my video?

then, last question

I close playtv after im playing game with highlights, to do other thing.

then when i open playtv again.. the highlight is lost! 

and i should manually put the highlight again.. is there any way to solve this problem? 

Bitrate is the amount of data that it can grab and thus provide a higher quality picture. 

More explanation can be seen here:

As for the black bars, unfortunately H.264 currently records best at 16:9 aspect ratio. So you may be unable to get rid of the black bars.

For your last question, are the highlights in the windows folder that you set for recording?

Does it do this for manual and automatic recordings as well?

Screenshots can help!

"For your last question, are the highlights in the windows folder that you set for recording?"

"Does it do this for manual and automatic recordings as well?"
Automatic recording.. so usually when i closed the play tv. and open it again, the pin highlight just gone >.<

this is what happened to me..

Before i closed it, it still has highlight pin, but after i close then open again, the pin is not there.. >.<

i used automatic recording

Are the pins manually placed by you, or automatically gathered when recording?

it is automaticly gathered when recording

@firawz01 - Hmm okay. Next time it happens can you send in ticket with logs attached?

To send logs you just right-click on the taskbar icon, select Help > Feedback, fill out the info and make sure the checkbox is selected. Post back here to let me know you have sent it. 

alright.. and one other question.

if i play faceit.. how can i recorded my gameplay? should i watch the demo and wait for an entire game to finish first? is there an alternative way to do this?

@verun and yes it hapen again >.<

@verun i sent the log and the tickets. Both is recording issues..

and i want u to check this out.

This is a warm up at im doing at 4:46 PM. but have highlight on it


This game which i played full game at 4:17 Am doesnt have hightlight on it.. >.<

Thanks for sending the logs. 

I noticed a program that we were hooking into that might have been causing the issue. Can you check to see if you're still getting the same issue?

Yes im getting it again.. look at this this is the game 2 days ago..

i just kill somebody but, it does not have a pin in it. Though this happening very rarely, sometimes it pissed me off when i have a good gameplay but it does not record the pins T_T

i think the ratio of pins error in playing the games in my computer is like 10:1 so, in ten times i played, there are pins in it, and 1 time, this pins error happen..

well thats what i think though XD

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