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Client Crashes everytime I click on a replay to edit it

Everytime I click on my LoL replay so I can edit it and upload it the client freezes and then crashes. I was looking all over the forum for an fix and didn't find any  :/

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Can you let me know what Processor and Operating System you're running?

I have the same problem, i have windows 10 and intel pentium processor

You might be fitting into a certain criteria where that happens. It usually has to do with a lower end Intel chipsets not having proper drivers for Windows 10, and it causes a crash when replaying with the player we use. Do you know exactly which Intel processor you're using?

Intel Pentium CPU B960 2.20 GHz

Yeah, that one might be old enough to have problems. Unfortunately, it's more related to a Intel + Windows Driver problem that just so happens effects There isn't much we can do unfortunately :-/

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