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Automatically following random people?

It seems everytime I get on my account I am following a new person and they are following me automatically. I don't follow them manually and other people have had the same issue as well when I asked someone who followed me if they had followed me and they did not. Is there an option to turn off automatic following? 

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Currently, there is not. However, we could use the user feedback on why you do, or do not, like this feature. Feel free and reply back with questions, concerns, judgements, etc. But let's try and keep it civil :-)

as a user, i want to follow people that are relevant to me and see THEIR plays in my feed - not some random guy I met by chance. by doing this, i can no longer control the quality of content that goes into my feed and it LOWERS the user experience.

i get that you guys want to generate extra traffic but fabricating follows at the cost of user experience isnt worth it. ya'll need some better designers haha.

you might argue that oh a user feels good when he sees he has followers but no, because by doing this you're essentially devaluing the act of following. oh look at how many followers i have! but wait, those users didn't even choose to follow me...

so yeah that's my two cents. feel free to ask me questions.

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I completely appreciate it. I'll send it over as feedback!

Anyone else is welcome to post their feedback here as well.

I myself am deleting this program just because i cant get rid of these unwanted followers.

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I thought my account was hacked -- so it turns out it's a feature? What kind of feature is this, that's like if I had a Facebook account and suddenly it added a ton of strangers I don't know, gee I don't know, sounds like that'd be a REALLY BIG PROBLEM AND SOMETHING NOBODY WANTS

Annoying "feature", please remove it. It's fine if you notify me when my friends join but please don't make me automatically follow them...very annoying.

Preposterous feature, please remove this.

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I agree with everyone else. I hate this feature. Every time I log in I have to go and unfollow all those random people because I don't want people I never followed on my feed.

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make it so we can turn of that feature its annoying af

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