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4K scaling support for the client application?

Hi there,

Will there be a 4K support for the client application any time soon?

I really like recording with the client, but the application doesn't seem to have a 4K support. As you can see, the font is really small. And the content doesn't use the full width.

Also, how come the client doesn't record some games?

I have no issues recording Warframe, but Monster Hunter Online, for instance, doesn't get recorded.

I don't believe 4k is coming really soon, but it's definitely something we're talking about. 

As for Monster Hunter Online, it appears we don't have a detection for it created. I have placed in a request for it though.

I see. Will be looking forward to 4K and Monster Hunter Online support.

Also, would it be possible to add a feature that allows us to manually add games to the client?

Currently there is a method where it will auto-record games even if it does not recognize it. However, that feature (to protect other programs) does have a system to time-out which can sometimes affect the recording of it. I assume you mean a feature where you can say "Record this exe, even if you don't know what it is"?


Indeed, "record the selected exe" is what I mean. The option to browse to an exe file and add it to the "detection list" manually.

As for the auto-record of the unrecognized games. It doesn't seem to work.

After I close the game (even after 5 min) the client launches, but there is no footage recorded. Basically, it does seem like the app tries to record, but fails to do so.

The time-out you mentioned might be the cause of the issue. Is there any way I can disable the timeout?

@kingtaro - Currently there is not a method to disable the time-out (that I know of). Although I may have to speak to Engineering about being more lenient with it; or at least get more information as to why it's set to be so limiting when it can't detect. There could be technical reasons I'm unaware of.

The option to browse to an exe file to record that one would probably be more advanced than it sounds, but I can bring it up as a user requested feature. 

Thank you. Will be looking forward to it.

I know this is a year old but it looks like the app still isn't optimized. Any plan for that?

Yes, we're looking into it. :-)

Considering high resolution displays are the norm now, I can't believe this still hasn't been addressed yet? 

It's near on impossible doing anything with this on a 4K display.

ya pretty dissapointed no support for 4k. I'll just stick with geforce experience for now. 

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