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Problem with upload :)

Hello! :)

I have problem with uploading video, because i got all setings on 1080p and 60fps

(Screenshot in attachment), but the video on the page is like 30fps and only 720p.

I dont know the problem :(

I want to video be like this:

Its problem with my uploading or maybe i must wait to video will upload to 60 fps and 1080p ? :P 

Thank you for answer :)


1 person has this problem

I have the exact same problem.

Meganomic, this yours video got only 720 like mine :D : but this yours video have 1080p with 60 fps :D : 

All of yours videos are 1080p except the last like you post them yesterday or something like that :D

I think we must just wait for upload to 1080p :P Cause i posted my video yesterday :P So maybe we must just wait :D

My 3 latest uploads are all 720p 30fps only. The oldest which is uploaded on monday. Seems unlikely that it's still processing.

I agree with you :D

seems as though everyone is having this problem including myself

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