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Problem with Quality after changing PC

I have been using for a while, but since then i have run into a problem.

My old build was a 2500K + GTX 970 + 8GB DDR3, and this week i changed into a 6700K + GTX 970 + 16GB DDR4.

I am using the absolute same settings on, but unfortunately when i am uploading any video, the 720h quality has disappeared from any of my new videos. The old videos using the same bitrate and framerate look a whole lot better.

The settings i was using for the old system were as follow: 720p, 60fps, 15Mb Bitrate. Those same settings are what i am using on the current build and it doesn't produce the same quality.

Example of New Computer:

Example of Old Computer:

Both are using the same settings yet there is a disparity of quality, and on the new computer, even though i have 60fps selected, the video feels slower.

Could i get some help ?

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I'm having the same problem however I didn't change anything on my PC. My recent uploads do not have a 720h option while my older ones did. 720p, 60 fps, and 15Mb/s are my options as well.

It's not a problem on your side. I sent a ticket and they replied with this There was a recent change to the way that videos are uploaded and processed to the website. If you are recording in the 1080p resolution, after uploading the video will only have a highest resolution of 720p. The higher resolutions (720H, 1080H) will be added after the video gets 100 views. (The number of likes a video gets is not a factor here.) After 100 views are achieved, the video becomes placed into a queue to get the bigger resolutions added. It won't happen immediately, but soon, the higher resolutions of 720H and 1080H will be shown in the available resolutions. In case it's unclear, 720H and 1080H means higher bitrate (and higher frame rate if the source video had a higher frame rate) The option for 'optimize for upload' isn't a factor here, in case that was a question. Let me know if this is clear for you. Thanks! I guess it's time to drop playstv for its subpar quality and share videos somewhere else.

I posted on another forum regarding the change. I'll copy/paste it here:

"As you are aware we made some changes to the uploads to have a slight limitation on quality in order to facilitate some issues with processing uploads on our end. However, we definitely heard the feedback and have recovered the 1080 resolution (you should not need to re-upload them). The 100+ views are still necessary for 720H and 1080H formats (as they can be significantly larger in size). You also still have the raw mp4 video on your PC which you can share however you wish.

I apologize for the confusion, but please let me know if you have any further questions, concerns or feedback."

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