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Recording in 1080p but videos gets uploaded with 720 only on

Hello guys, as I said in my topic, I record in 1080p with 60fps. My first video got uploaded with really great quality in 1080p without any troubles. Today I tried to post a new one but it refuses to go higher than 720, not even 720h.

I am just wondering if I am doing something wrong as the first video got to 1080h without any troubles. I haven't changed any settings inbetween and my net speed is the same as always and the computer is running fine without any troubles. 

So if anyone knows anything I can try to fix it I would appreciate the help!

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They changed the way uploads are handled, I sent a ticket and they gave me this There was a recent change to the way that videos are uploaded and processed to the website. If you are recording in the 1080p resolution, after uploading the video will only have a highest resolution of 720p. The higher resolutions (720H, 1080H) will be added after the video gets 100 views. (The number of likes a video gets is not a factor here.) After 100 views are achieved, the video becomes placed into a queue to get the bigger resolutions added. It won't happen immediately, but soon, the higher resolutions of 720H and 1080H will be shown in the available resolutions. In case it's unclear, 720H and 1080H means higher bitrate (and higher frame rate if the source video had a higher frame rate) The option for 'optimize for upload' isn't a factor here, in case that was a question. Let me know if this is clear for you. Thanks! Subpar quality will not pass for me, I probably won't use playstv anymore
I have the same problem. It used to just take some time for 1080p to be available, but now after waiting a day there is still no 1080p only 720p.

Im getting this problem too.

I got an e-mail about it, saying it has to reach 100 views to be updated with even higher quality if I recall correctly. so I guess that's the issue ;)

I have a bunch of videos uploaded that don't even have 20 views but are 1080h though

Same I have one that isnt at 100 that have better quality, but that was my first clip I uploaded then after that its stuck at 720p

Same problem here. The last 2 videos I uploaded won't go higher than 720p, even after waiting several hours. Older videos work at 1080p just fine, it's just my newer videos.
Also, what's the difference between 720/720h?



so yea whatever i think we have to switch to smth else then.

Too bad they removed one of the best features with PlaysTV, uploading in 1080p @ 60 FPS. Now our uploaded content only gets published in crappy 720p @ 30 FPS, until the videos reach 100+ views apparently — so it must get uploaded to their servers, but they won't make it available to us.

Guess I gotta switch to something else then. Shame, this was really good and easy for short videos.

If that's really the case, that's a shame.

None of my videos get 100 views (Plays.TV is just not that popular/well known compared to YouTube) but video quality is important for me, and I'm not happy with 720p.

Has Raptr released an official statement about this issue? Because I haven't seen any and I thought it was a bug.

Well anyone got any other program to use? Plays.TV was already a shitty program to begin with, always had problems with it...


@ZeroFighterSRB: Well the software itself didn't change. You can still record in 1080p. But if you want something else, I believe OBS Studio can also use VCE.


Sorry for not replying earlier everyone, holiday weekends can tend to do that!

As you are aware we made some changes to the uploads to have a slight limitation on quality in order to facilitate some issues with processing uploads on our end. However, we definitely heard the feedback and have recovered the 1080 resolution (you should not need to re-upload them). The 100+ views are still necessary for 720H and 1080H formats (as they can be significantly larger in size). You also still have the raw mp4 video on your PC which you can share however you wish.

I apologize for the confusion, but please let me know if you have any further questions, concerns or feedback.

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