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Recording in 1080p but videos gets uploaded with 720 only on

Hello guys, as I said in my topic, I record in 1080p with 60fps. My first video got uploaded with really great quality in 1080p without any troubles. Today I tried to post a new one but it refuses to go higher than 720, not even 720h.

I am just wondering if I am doing something wrong as the first video got to 1080h without any troubles. I haven't changed any settings inbetween and my net speed is the same as always and the computer is running fine without any troubles. 

So if anyone knows anything I can try to fix it I would appreciate the help!

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@shobban your title fits my issue very well so idk why I have to make a new one when this fits. Better to have one thread than a million of the same one but anyway @verun my game is set at 1080. This friend and I have the same exact setting in game and plays. But since this guy wants me off here fine. Later
Guys can you please stop using My thread, My problem is solved and you're geting me spammed with emails. Make a med thread IF you need help...

@TheCrazyGuy94 - Not the Recorder Settings, but the actual resolution of the game and/or monitor when you're playing Overwatch.

@verun I have my settings at max custom. The 1080 with 50mbps. When I get home I'll screenshot that too. But the system is not working. The 700 view video is mine and the video with the 10 views and the one with 10 views has 1080. Our settings are exactly the same. I've uploaded several videos with the correct settings and still only 720

@TheCrazyGuy94 - That appears to be more of a limitation based on the resolution of the original video. Do you know what resolution you were recording at? Although in your images you kind of proved that our system is working as intended (if your resolution is indeed lower than 1080).

Your friend's video here shows that he is not getting the option for Higher Frame Rate (i.e. 720H, 1080H). This is because his views are lower than 100.

In your video, you can see that you have 720H as an option so that it has a higher frame rate. If the video were uploaded in 1080, and receiving that many views, it would also have the option of "1080" and also "1080H"; like this user's video:

Since they are so small this outtta do it...

@Verun This is a load here. I have a buddy that gets 1080p quality videos with only 2 views but im not allowed? and i have a video that is over 100 and its still 720. im ready to switch to something else. These snips kinda sorta prove what you're saying to be a steamy load and I'm upset about it

(249 KB)

Well most of my clips are gone from my client now as I already UL'd but its fine, atleast the new ones will be in higher quality =) I guess we can close the thread now =D

@ZeroFighterSRB - Correct; those last 2 videos were uploaded a few days ago when it would only upload as 720. If the same video were to be uploaded, it should appear as 1080p.

@Verun I use Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1, did once. I will try it again. As for the videos my last two clips are still 720p, no change.

Okay, I found the issue. 

So a slight correction needs to be made on my post:

Any videos that were uploaded between June 27th (first implementation) and July 5th (the correction to resolution size) will only appear in 720, unless they get the 100+ views. You may need to re-upload the video to see it in 1080p.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

@Shobban - I'll do my best!

Thanks Verun, that's prob the fastest answer ive had in ages from a support ticket. Anyhow just get back to me when you can as I would love to have them atleast in 1080p !

@Shobban - Sorry about that! Let me ask around and do some checking for myself since you're the 2nd person to report 1080 isn't available.

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Well seems a lot of people hijacked my post, but anyhow thanks for helping us @Verun but all my clips are still just 720 afaik, how long should it take for them to be updated?

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