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Regarding 1080p60fps uploads dropping to an unacceptable 720 30fps

Recently I've been having troubles uploading 1080p60fps clips to playstv. I thought it was a problem on my end, turns out raptr has decided that videos without 100 views do no deserve 1080p60fps. I've sent a ticket and Facebook messages, I've received the same reply from both. There was a recent change to the way that videos are uploaded and processed to the website. If you are recording in the 1080p resolution, after uploading the video will only have a highest resolution of 720p. The higher resolutions (720H, 1080H) will be added after the video gets 100 views. (The number of likes a video gets is not a factor here.) After 100 views are achieved, the video becomes placed into a queue to get the bigger resolutions added. It won't happen immediately, but soon, the higher resolutions of 720H and 1080H will be shown in the available resolutions. In case it's unclear, 720H and 1080H means higher bitrate (and higher frame rate if the source video had a higher frame rate) The option for 'optimize for upload' isn't a factor here, in case that was a question. Let me know if this is clear for you. Thanks! Coming into this app I thought I'd finally have a break from uploading to YouTube and having to link friends my highlights. I've attracted a pretty large group into using playstv so we can share and watch each other's moments. In my opinion it is distasteful that they think lower view count videos do not deserve to have decent quality. It's 2016 I don't want my clips to look like they're from 2007. Looks like I'm going back to YouTube.
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I posted on another forum regarding the change. I'll copy/paste it here:

"As you are aware we made some changes to the uploads to have a slight limitation on quality in order to facilitate some issues with processing uploads on our end. However, we definitely heard the feedback and have recovered the 1080 resolution (you should not need to re-upload them). The 100+ views are still necessary for 720H and 1080H formats (as they can be significantly larger in size). You also still have the raw mp4 video on your PC which you can share however you wish.

I apologize for the confusion, but please let me know if you have any further questions, concerns or feedback."

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