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Record FPS/GPU monitor?


After years of using Nvidia GPU and using Shadowplay to record my video's. I have recently just got a RX 480 and plan on getting a second one soon for crossfire. I have been playing around with a few different recording options. The best one I have found is

But I have a issue I am hoping to fix. When I used shadowplay I use to have MSI afterburner open as well just for the FPS/GPU monitor in the top left of the screen. Just so I can see what FPS am getting in games. As well as the GPU usage. With shadowplay it was actually record the FPS and GPU monitor as well as the gameplay.  Since my of my video's are performance video's this is perfect.

However am at a loss on how to do this with Plays.TV. At first when I was testing a few games. It would record the MSI FPS monitor with the gameplay. Then it simply stopped recording the FPS monitor. I have no idea why it's stopped recording it.

I have checked the Plays.TV settings. I can't for the life of me figure out how to record the FPS monitor anymore. Can anyone shed some light onto this for me? 


@ocelot07 - Good question! I'll start by explaining why I think the problem exists, and then how we may fix this.

With Shadowplay, unlike, it has 2 forms it can record: Hooking into the GPU frames (like we do) and Screen Recording. When you hook into the GPU it is grabbing the frames directly from the GPU; so it makes sense to say that whatever the GPU is rendering that is also what is recording. Screen Recording simply grabs frames from what is seen on the monitor. This is used typically by a lot of people, especially if they want to record their desktop, or any other program that the GPU is not trying to hook into.

So my thought is that Shadowplay was Screen Recording, and we are Encoding with the GPU and grabbing the frames which does not render the MSI Afterburner FPS (e.g. It's not part of the game, so it's not getting it). 

As for a potential solution, there isn't a work-around currently. However, we are currently looking for us to hook into MSI Afterburner so that it:

A) Doesn't cause any issues with crashing, lag, etc.

B) Can show the FPS and any other overlay. 

I don't have an ETA or any other details, but I know it's in the works. Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Note: It's also possible that Shadowplay can hook into MSI Afterburner like we're going to do. But Screen Recording is used to widely, I wouldn't be shocked if that is what was happening.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Am glad that this is getting looked into. I do have one more question. When I first installed the RX 480. I installed the drivers. I then downloaded Raptr which includes Plays.TV. The first game I tried Plays.TV out on was Rainbow Six Siege. My first recording actually recorded the MSI afterburner monitor for Rainbow Six. As well as Dead Island Definitive Edition.

The next day it did not record MSI afterburner anymore.

But again thank you for the quick reply and am happy is working on this.


If I had to take a stab, I'd say it had to do with that it didn't detect what is was playing and did a kind of "Blind Hooking" where it saw an exe that looks like it's a game, so it'll try to hook in and see what happens. Most non-game exes will time out eventually (and even some games). However, if it's not entirely sure what it's looking at it the hooking may have been broader and grabbed overlays that were on top of the game screen. 

Now that is does detect the game (which usually needs a PC or app restart) it could be trying to be smarter by only grabbing the frames from the exe. Kind of an unintended effect from a system being more intelligent?

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