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I want to stream with OBS but Playstv doesnt work

So here is my idea, i want to stream on twitch with OBS

but on the OBS recording, there are no highlight.

So i was thinking if im opening OBS to stream and PLAYSTV (automatic recording) at the same time, i will stream on twitch while recording my gameplay with playstv..

HOWEVER, after i quit csgo, the playtv does not seems to record my gameplay.

can someone help me with this?

Sounds like it's an issue with both programs trying to hook into the same thing. 

What type of recording method are you using for OBS?

no i did not exactly record anything on OBS, i only use it to stream on twitch.

however, whenever i open csgo, there is the HUD that saying "PLAYS TV IS READY"

but after the match. nothing comes out of play tv. means that the playtv did not record anything at all..

sorry for the late reply.

@firawz01 - Does record normally if OBS is not running?

@verun yes, exactly. i think it has something to do with the webcam though.

cause if i open OBS and stream, i cannot skype using webcam with anyone, saying that "there is another software using same hardware needed for skype" or something like that

Have you tried disabling the webcam for

i dont know if i can, cause my voice is coming out of my webcam instead of my headphones. let me try 

PS : my headphones mic is broken so im using webcam voice :>

Ah okay, but you're not using the actual video portion of it? 

Like is "Enable webcam" disabled in your Preferences?

Yeah ive tried to disabled the webcam and IT WORKED!

ive only using mic, but since currently i dont have GPU (still waiting for my rx 480 to arrive), and only using onboard Gpu from processor AMD A-7890K APU SERIES.

both software are eating my cpu and drop my fps.. so yea i think i only do 1 software at a time being until my gpu arrive..


Glad to hear it!

Let us know if you need anything else!

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