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Deleting replays

With the new update now records each game and then files it so you dont have to close the game to upload a play which is nice. Although this should make things easier, now with games like Rocket League where in a couple hours you can play 20 games it adds up quick. There is no shift +click or ctrl+a to delete them all quickly so i was wondering if there is a way to delete recordings faster that I'm not using, or if this will be added soon. Thanks!

You can right-click the Session Folder and click "Delete Session"

@ Verun Lol that didnt help. Every game on its own is a Session so i have the same Problem. This really sucks everything else is really nice. I gotto spend 10 Minutes Deleting old Videos sometimes and that really sucks hard. There should be an easy way to Delete more than one video. Like in Windows Explorer. Select Files and Delete. Maybe this is easier said than done i dont know.


Ah right! (Must have been really tired)

You are correct that with Rocket League it does create a new "session" for every match. There is also no easy method to delete multiple sessions. However, I'll let our team know that it could be troublesome for the example you gave with multiple Rocket League recordings. I'll definitely put in the request!

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