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Radeon r9 280 compatibility

I'm having some audio and video hiccups on my playback on the 280 and I'm finding conflicting reports on whether the 280 has VCE and will record in hardware mode. I meet all the other hardware requirements and as far as Catalyst tells me I'm up to date on drivers. Can anyone clear this up? 

Btw this problem is with Overwatch and I've noticed some other people are having problems recording that game

@ItsRumpusTime - I would probably make a ticket with logs regarding this. Since this issue will be very dependent on any errors that are happening and to see how it's encoding properly. Does the audio/video hiccups only happen in the video, or in the game as well?

I'll reproduce the issue and send a ticket. There is no noticeable impact on my frame rate in game, only in playback. Having this issue even when achieving over 100 fps in game.

Sounds good. Make sure to post back here once you send in the ticket so I can quickly grab it.

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Hey Verun, I have created a ticket. As it says in my ticket description the uploaded video didn't stutter as hard as the playback on MPC and the client, but it is definitely still there. Hopefully you will be able to delve a little deeper and see what is happening. Thanks!


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