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1440p support?


Just wondering if there's any way to record 1440p footage via, and if not, if you plan to add support for the resolution anytime soon!

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Currently there is no method to get it in that native resolution as the max is 1080p. More than likely we will be supporting higher resolutions in the future but I don't know when unfortunately.

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wondering the same thing.. I just got 2 4k monitors and I am bummed that I can't use to record any higher than 1080p .. :(

do you know any other software that does this atm .. I obviously prefer at all times but this issue has my hands tied.. :(

Same here. I would love to record in my native res which is 1440p. Hope higher resolutions are added to Plays soon.

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SigMiller I found out that OBS is able to ... I gave it a try but it was very cpu intensive for me .. I have to re check now that I switched to a more powerful cpu!

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