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Lost 300 GB's of Video Files. Possible Solution?

Hi, I recently had 300 GB's of videos saved onto a folder from recordings I do with I have 1 tb of memory, I had about 1gb left on my harddrive. ( Stupid Idea I know, I got kind of busy with work ) As I was removing some files in my video folder section, the location where I save my recording is in a subfolder inside my video folder. By mistake, I deleted it. I tried to recover the folder but when I recovered the folder none of my videos were there. Used a software that recovers files, but, the problem I am having is I dont see any of my video files inside my recycling bin. Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

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Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can do in regards to that. I think you're making the correct effort in getting recovery software, or you may want to try uploading a back-up if you have it. 

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