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Black Recording

 So, I've read a few things on here about people's Plays.Tv black screening. I'm having the same issue. It was running perfectly fine until like two updates ago (according to my It wasn't doing this before, now all of a sudden its happening at Random. I wanted to post this amazing wombo, but its just black. Is there anything I can do to fix it?

Its only happening at random, from what I see.

There should have been a recent fix that corrected the black screen issue (v1.12.3) that we released yesterday. Are you still having the problem with that version?

Yes, this happened just an hour ago. Both updates have already been applied to my, so I'm unsure of what is happening. Especially since it is just starting to do this in the past two days.

The most recent was this morning.


@Aelthya_Games - Can you send in logs after recreating the issue? I'm sure Engineering would appreciate to see this. 

You can send in logs by right-clicking on the icon in the Taskbar and selecting Help > Feedback. Input your information and make sure the checkbox (Send Log File) is selected. Post back here once you have done that so I can look for the new ticket. Thanks for letting us know!

I just sent it. I hope that it helps! While I have you here, though., I posted a video yesterday and its not showing up on my video list online, but the apparent link still works. o.o Idk If I can ask about that, but I figured I'd say it was occurring.


@Aelthya_Games - Thanks for sending the ticket. Can you provide me the link for the video?

There's the link. My friend also said he can't see it on my actual page. Its strange.


Thanks! We're taking a look at it!

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Alright! Thank you! ^-^


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