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Is the following not possible with Plays.Tv? I only want to record the last minute only.


I'm looking for a program that only saves the last minute of recording. If you play for like 8 hours and something funny or interesting happens I only want that moment saved when I choose to. Sometimes I might play 8 hours with nothing worth saving.  

Automatic records all the time.

Manual starts when you click. By that time it's too late (duh!).

So am I missing something or do Plays.Tv not have this feature? I'm not streaming or looking to clog up my harddrive with tons of footage that I'll have to clean up after each session. I'm only looking for a program that records the last X seconds ONLY.

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Sorry seems I'm a noob. The manual save does save the last 10 seconds just as I wanted and doesent start the recording instead which I feared. Solved.

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