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I can't go online in China. But when I use a VPN, everything works very well.

I can use your website. I can see those videos. But the client says  "You are offline. Please check your network connection."  whenever I want to login.

And I have tired everything. Open the client as Administrator, shut down the antivirus and firewall, neither work.

However I can use the Raptr Client. So I'm pretty sure that is not my Internet problem. 

The Same Issue:

(62.7 KB)

Would you be able to create a ticket with logs attached after recreating the problem? That way we can see what kind of error is taking place.

To send logs you just right-click on the taskbar icon, select Help > Feedback, fill out the info and make sure the checkbox is selected. Post back here to let me know you have sent it. 


I've sent it twice. Please check.

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