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Bitrate and FPS

I wanna know how does FPS and bitrate work, cause my computer's been getting a lot of frame skips... What does setting your video recording settings to high fps and bitrate do? Does it mean that it caps there? or? someone help please

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fps is how many frames per second is recorded.  This will make action smoother, but since the only higher option is to go from 30fps to 60fps, it will probably double your recording size.

Bitrate is the quality of each frame, so this affects overall video quality.  You could potentially find a good balance between frames per second and bitrate, if there were more bitrate options.

If there are frames skipping in your video recording, it could be:

a) the action is too fast for your lower fps settings, so try raising fps to 60

b) you may be recording to the same hard drive as you are playing from, which would slow things down.  I recommend getting a dedicated drive to record

c) Your pc is having troubles recording and playing the game at the same time, in which case raising fps and bitrate would only make things worse.

Experiment with these three options and come back with whats happening for you.

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