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Skyrim wont start record

I am trying to record Skyrim gameplay. It doesnt seem to be activating the recorder. I start the game ( unhooked my controller so it doesnt disable the keyboard ) and try and nothing. No HUD popup and no recording. I even set the manual record key to a key used in game and still nothing. Every other game works like a charm. Any help would be appreciated.

@Seigen - That would be incorrect. I replied back to Bengo at the same time I posted here requesting logs to determine why it was not recording. He never replied back unfortunately. Skyrim recording is working fine from last we tested. However, we don't have the detection in place for SKSE. I'll see if we can take a look at it because of the popularity of the launcher, but that does not promise that it will get corrected due to potential problems with how SKSE could change Skyrim files and loading. I'll reply back to your ticket with a similar answer as well.

Have the same issue, i install this app and register in your service to record skyrim SKSE videos but it doesn't work. Since Bengo user post this issue 3 months ago i asume that you didn't fix it yet or any other answer about a solution.

Thanks for letting us know!

I have responded to the ticket you made and requested logs be sent.

Hopefully we'll figure out the solution soon!

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